1. Of which Australian State is Adelaide the Capital?

2. Name the organisation that has won this year’s Nobel Peace Prize.

3. Which bustling location in NYC is nicknamed “Crossroads of the World”?

4. News last week: A word that means ‘sapphire’ in Thai. What was it?

5. Which part of the body is affected by the Meniere’s Disease?

6. Name the temple in Datia district of Madhya Pradesh where a stampede left more than 100 people dead.

7. Of which European country is forint the currency?

8. As per a recent decision, Te Ika-a-Maui and Te Waipounamu are to be the new Maori names for..?

9. Which is the world’s longest mountain chain?

10. In a first for women, Janet Yellen has been nominated by Barack Obama for which high-profile post?

11. What breed of dog is Slinky in the ‘Toy Story’ series?

12. ‘Instant Cash’ was launched in the country recently. What is it?

 13. Which two letters are worth two points in Scrabble?

14. What is the DVD Region Code for India?

15. Which country surrounds The Gambia? 

Answers: 1. South Australia; 2. Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons; 3. Times Square; 4. Cyclone Phailin; 5. Ear; 6. Ratangarh Mata Temple; 7. Hungary; 8. New Zealand’s North and South Island; 9. Andes; 10. Chairman of the Federal Reserve; 11. Dachshund; 12. India Post’s new instant electronic money transfer service; 13. D and G; 14. Five; 15. Senegal.