1. Name the most expensive German footballer of all-time who was born on this date in 1988.

2. Name the smallest country on mainland Africa that has withdrawn from the Commonwealth of Nations.

3. In leap years, February begins on the same day of the week as which other month?

4. Name the English scientist, after whom a much-spoken-about elusive sub-atomic particle is named. The scientist has also shared the Nobel Prize for Physics this year.

 5. By what common name is the International Criminal Police Organization known?

6. Name a former State CM and Union Minister who has been sentenced to five years imprisonment for illegally taking money out of the Chaibasa treasury.

7. In mythology, who solved the Riddle of the Sphinx?

8. To whom has the Department of Posts allotted the first customised pin code (110201) of the country?

9. Crime novelist and poet Sophie Hannah is writing a new book to bring back which famous literary detective?

10. After which bird is Google’s new Search Algorithm named?

11. John Spilsbury, an English mapmaker, is considered the inventor of which popular recreational puzzle?

12. A plant capable of producing cherry tomatoes and white potatoes has been introduced in the U.K. What is it called?

13. In acoustics, what common term is used for the difference between the upper and lower frequencies in a continuous set of frequencies?

14. In photography, what does SLR stand for?

15. What is Conchology? 

Answers: 1. Mesut Ozil; 2. The Gambia; 3. August; 4. Peter Higgs;

5. Interpol; 6. Lalu Yadav; 7. Oedipus; 8. Supreme Court; 9. Hercule Poirot; 10. Hummingbird; 11. Jigsaw puzzle; 12. TomTato; 13. Bandwidth; 14. Single Lens Reflex; 15. Study of shells.