1. What is the symbol of Imran Khan’s Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf party which did well in the general elections recently?

2. Which character is cartoonist Jim Davis’ most popular creation?

3. How many years are there in three sesquicentennials?

4. Name the tyre brand of which Bibendum is the mascot?

5. Where is the HQ of ASEAN?

6. Name the former monarch whose sculpture is at the centre of Queen’s Gardens in front of Buckingham Palace?

7. Who recently became the first player to be dismissed for “obstructing the field” in IPL?

8. The largest lake in Central America shares its name with a country in that region. Name it.

9. Name Dan Brown’s latest bestseller to feature symbologist Robert Langdon.

10. Which guitar legend has the nickname ‘Slowhand’?

11. Google’s digital application distribution platform for Android and online electronics store is called…?

12. Of what edible product is Orange Pekoe a type of?

13. Tallahassee is the capital of which US State: Florida, Utah or Arizona?

14. If an email contains PFA, what does it mean?

15. Which world leader did Charlie Chaplin spoof in ‘ The Great Dictator ’?

Answers: 1. Cricket bat; 2. Garfield the cat; 3. 450; 4. Michelin; 5. Djakarta; 6. Queen Victoria; 7. Yusuf Pathan; 8. Lake Nicaragua; 9. ‘Inferno’; 10. Eric Clapton; 11. Google Play; 12. Tea; 13. Florida; 14. Please Find Attached; 15. Adolf Hitler.