1. On this date in 1856, the highest military decoration for valour in the British armed forces, awarded for extreme bravery in the face of the enemy, was instituted. What is it called?

2. Which former Indian captain has been roped in as the mentor to the Mumbai Indians’ IPL team?

3. From which country does Rory McIlroy, the world’s No. 1 golfer, come?

4. Barack Obama took oath as the President of the U.S. using two Bibles. Who did they belong to?

5. Who was the first Marvel character to be adapted into a movie, way back in 1944?

6. Which country known for its high-security banking services will be able to provide details sought by other countries, including India, from next month about a group of persons even without their individual identification?

7. What four-lettered word describes a ‘traditional Mexican dish composed of a corn or wheat tortilla folded or rolled around a filling’?

8. Name the Hindi film superstar who recently signed a Rs. 500-crore deal with Star India which includes airing all of his/her films that will release in the next five years.

9. In which cult book series would one meet Marvin the Paranoid Android?

10. Which Indian Capital city became the latest to host an ODI?

11. What do the toppings in a traditional Margherita pizza represent?

12. Who makes the 787 Dreamliners range of aircraft that have flown into trouble recently?

13. Name the country in which the infamous Auschwitz Nazi Concentration Camp is located?

14. Effective mid-January 2013, what is the cap on supply of subsidised LPG cylinders in the country?

15. What are the ‘Star of Africa’ and ‘The Hope’ famous examples of?

Answers: 1. Victoria Cross; 2. Anil Kumble; 3. Northern Ireland; 4. Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King Jr; 5. Captain America; 6. Switzerland; 7. Taco; 8. Salman Khan; 9. Douglas Adams’s ‘Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy’ series; 10. Ranchi; 11. Colours of the Italian Flag; 12. Boeing; 13. Poland; 14. Nine cylinders instead of six; 15. Diamonds.