Some posers on all things Christmas…

1. Which popular song was written by the Austrian priest Fr. Joseph Mohr and a school teacher named Franz Xaver Gruber?

2. Which tradition in the United Kingdom was started in 1932 and involved Rudyard Kipling?

3. What ‘important’ activity does the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) undertake during Christmas time?

4. Flying Fish Cove is the Capital of…?

5. In The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe , what does Father Christmas give Peter, Lucy and Mrs. Beaver?

6. Which great scientist known for an apple incident was born on Christmas in 1642?

7. Using simple mathematics, how many birds were gifted as per the song ‘12 Days of Christmas’?

8. What is the Urbi et Orbi ?

9. What is the common name of the flower that is also called the ‘Flower of the Holy Night’?

10. The modern tradition of Christmas trees is believed to have started in which European country: Germany, France or Poland?

11. In which funny flick does Jim Carrey play the character Lloyd Christmas?

12. The ‘father’ of which of India’s neighbouring countries used to celebrate his birthday on December 25?

13. What did Harry Potter get for Christmas during his first term at Hogwarts?

14. What is the biggest contribution of Sir Henry Cole to Christmas traditions?

15. If St. Stephen’s Day is the religious holiday on December 26, then what is the secular holiday called?

Answers: 1. ‘Silent Night’ (‘Stille Nacht’ in German); 2. The Christmas Broadcast by the monarch. Kipling wrote the text; 3. Tracks Santa Claus's progress journey through the skies; 4. Christmas Island; 5. Peter gets a sword and shield, Lucy a vial of magical healing liquid and a knife or dagger and Mrs. Beaver receives a sewing machine; 6. Sir Isaac Newton; 7. 184 (12 partridges, 22 doves, 30 hens, 36 calling birds, 42 geese and 42 swans); 8. It’s the speech given by the Pope at noon on Christmas day; 9. Poinsettia; 10. Germany; 11. ‘Dumb and Dumber’; 12. Pakistan. Mohd. Ali Jinnah was born on that date in 1876; 13. Invisibility Cloak; 14. He was instrumental in introducing the world's first commercial Christmas card; 15. Boxing Day.