1. The first version of which popular OS was released on this date in 1985?

2. The AP High Court recently revoked a life-ban on which former Indian captain?

3. From which country does the camera brand Hasselblad come?

4. The Ministry of External Affairs and YouTube have launched a short-film contest which celebrates the country’s diversity. What is it called?

5. Which are the two official languages of Israel?

6. The United Nations has declared November 10 as what day in honour of a Pakistani teenage rights activist?

7. Which country did the eminent painter Salvador Dali call home?

8. What item used in many games is nicknamed ‘Devil's Bones’?

9. If a female goat is a nanny, then what is a male goat called?

10. How many points would the word ‘quiz’ fetch in Scrabble without using special squares or a blank?

11. In fiction, who is the leader of the gang called “Lost Boys”?

12. Which city’s airport is named after the Beatles John Lennon?

13. How many times has Lionel Messi won the UEFA Champions League with Barcelona?

14. What type of medical specialist is also called a ‘shrink’?

15. In which city was the first-ever cricket Test played (in 1877)?

Answers: 1. Windows (Windows 1.0); 2. Mohd. Azharuddin; 3. Sweden; 4. ‘India is a…Visual Journey’; 5. Arabic and Hebrew; 6. ‘Malala Day’; 7. Spain; 8. Dice; 9. Billie; 10. 22; 11. Peter Pan; 12. Liverpool; 13. Thrice (2005–06, 2008–09, 2010–11); 14. Psychiatrist; 15. Melbourne.