Young World Quiz (October 05, 2007)

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The venue : Of India’s glorious moment.
The venue : Of India’s glorious moment.


1. According to UNESCO, October 5 is designated as…?

2. Which TV series, (executive) produced by Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks, tells the story of a WW II unit “Easy Company”?

3. In physics, what is the mass — energy equivalence?

4. Of which religious order was Saint Ignatius of Loyola the principal founder and first Superior General?

5. Name the stadium where the final of the inaugural ICC World Twenty20 was held.

6. In Botany, what is the common term used for the sepals of a flower?

7. Who was the first woman to become the governor of a State in independent India?

8. Name the American author of The Leatherstocking Tales series of novels.

9. Who was the first woman to complete the “Seven Summits”?

10. In which year did Diego Maradona lead Argentina to World Cup triumph?

11. Name the country of origin for the basset hound.

12. Which vitamin’s chemical name is Folic acid?

13. In Indian civics, which year saw the “Constitution (First Amendment) Act”?

14. What is the full title of the first game in the popular Halo series of video games?

15. Who was the second Mauryan emperor after Chandragupta Maurya ?



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