1. Simple one to start with. Name the Democratic and Republican U.S. Presidential candidates whose fate will be decided today?

2. Name the only woman amongst the 12 Alwars.

3. What is craniometry?

4. If the species for the domestic dog is Canis, what is the sub-species?

5. How many yards in 10 fathoms?

6. Hossain Mohammad Ershad has been the President of which SAARC country?

7. Who was the first Governor-General in India appointed by the British monarch in 1773?

8. The opera ‘La gazza ladra’ is known in English as…?

9. In which Indian language was the site Facebook available as of September 2008?

10. What do S and P stand for in S&P CNX Nifty, the stock exchange index in India?

11. Umber is a shade of which colour?

12. In which city did India play its first home cricket Test?

13. How many teams are there in the football’s English Premier League?

14. How does one better know Giovanni Francesco Bernardone?

15. In Kipling’s The Jungle Book, what sort of animal is Tabaqui?