1. In the context of global environment, this date i.e. February 2, is observed as…?

2. Which is the largest living land carnivore in the world today?

3. In which European country did the non-violent ‘Velvet Revolution' in 1989 see the end of an authoritarian government?

4. Gaudiya Vaishnavas follow which monk and consider him to be a full incarnation of Lord Krishna?

5. Alphabetically which is the third of the six noble gases?

6. Which Asian country uses the Riel as the currency?

7. In William Shakespeare's ‘The Merchant of Venice', name the father of Jessica.

8. How many prime numbers (excluding 1) are there less than 100?

9. Which allotrope of carbon gets its name from the Greek meaning ‘to draw/write'?

10. In which U.S. State is the famous Fort Knox?

11. In Marvel comics, if it's Peter Parker for Spiderman, who is it for Don Blake?

12. Amar Singh, recently quit all his posts. Name the political party he belongs to.

13. In which ball game have Stephen Hendry and Steve Davis been multiple world champions?

14. Which Indian President wrote ‘My Presidential Years'?

15. Name the woman Regent of Bijapur and Ahmednagar best known for defending Ahmednagar against Emperor Akbar's forces.