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Science is essential in every walk of life and it goes hand-in-hand with technology. The Andhra Pradesh State Council of Science and Technology is organising many activities in Yellapragada Subba Rao Science Pavilion at the exhibition in the Swarajya grounds through its local branch, the Regional Science Centre. Providing impetus to the proposal of the Vijayawada Exhibition Society to stimulate the inquisitive spirit of children, the centre roped in a couple of lecturers from local colleges to create a special zone in the exhibition grounds. This is the place where scientific brains meet every evening. "The response was lukewarm during the first two days. But now that kids know about this zone, a large number of them, with their parents in tow, throng the place," says Narasimha Sastry, a science teacher from Gowtham Rainbow School in Patamata who is one of the coordinators.The short documentaries on science related topics like mass distribution, solar system, environment, pollution, the scientists of India, are a big hit. These brief depictions last for 10-15 minutes but hold the attention of the visitors. Models and other demonstrations connected to subjects like electronics, mathematical puzzles, computers, physics and scientific charts form part of this mesmerising corner. "There is a great demand for the documentary on the black holes. Children are interested to know the journey of a star, right from its birth to the final stage," says Lakshman Suri, a lecturer from Gowtham Junior College.ntriguing topics like Sriharikota rocket launching, space and solar system with catchy titles like "Is the Earth doomed?" or "Are we alone in the universe?" are some of the reasons that make it a much sought-after corner."I love to watch on the giant screen what is taught to us in the classroom. I come here every day not to miss any of the topics," said Chandu, a Std. VIII student from Vangaveeti Mohana Ranga Municipal Corporation Upper Primary School, Krishnalanka."It is a wonderful experience for all the students and none should miss it," said Vaishnavi a Std. X student from Kumar Public School, Nuzvid.

Special corner

To make the place interesting, the organisers have created a special corner where the visitors can meet a special person, "Greet a wonderful person" screams a board hung outside a curtain. "Spin Fun," "See your sound," "Text to voice." "Current man," "Tower of Brahma" and "Optical illusions" are other attractions that amuse the kids. P. Sukesh, a Std. VI student from Nalanda Vidya Niketan, says: "I am impressed by the Yoyo," he says pointing to a robot. A documentary on "Know the Mars" has them glued to the screen, watching wide-eyed the wonders of space.