In the village of Hamelin, there once lived an old man. His name was Marty. He was kind, fair, tall and weird looking. All the people were bad to him, but all the children loved him.

One day, two people were fighting over the last gold block. Marty went and asked, “Why this trouble? What is this fight about? Anyway, what are your names?”

“Randy and Cart,” they said.

“What would you gain, old man?”

“Nothing, I am here to help you,” he said. “Anyway, I will ask you some questions. Who saw the gold block first?” asked Marty.

Randy said, “I held it first.”

Cart said, “I saw it first.”

Marty said, “Cart, you should have the gold block.”

“B..b...but!” said Randy.

“Yes, Cart said he saw it. That was my question.” Marty said.

“You didn't answer my question. Cart saw it first. You looked at what he saw.” Marty added.

“Sorry Cart,” said Randy giving the gold block to Cart.

“That’s okay,” said Cart.

Everyone cheered for the old man. He was never insulted after that.