Just as we love to go to warmer climes in the winter months, birds too need to fly away to warmer places. This is because birds find it difficult to find food and the weather is not conducive to remaining in their homes. Almost 1,800 of the world’s 10,000 bird species fly long distances in their journeys of migration. Most often, birds fly North in the spring as the climate is conducive to breeding and return to their wintering grounds in the South. Most often, when the migrations begin, the birds fly along a more preferred route, called flyways. Typically, these routes follow mountain ranges, coastlines, sometimes rivers, taking advantage of updrafts and the wind patterns that will help make their journey easier. One interesting point is that it is not only the birds that can fly that migrate. Penguins migrate by swimming, sometimes covering long distances, while the emus in Australia cover the distance on foot when faced with a drought situation .