Earlier this month, while I was returning from my school in the school bus, I saw dark grey clouds in the sky and the air was becoming cool.

A strong wind started to blow and leaves lying on the road were flying. Some trees were swaying in the breeze and shedding yellow leaves. Suddenly, dust flew in through the window and I had to close my eyes immediately.

After a minute or two, a soft drizzle began and I was busy brushing the dust from my face and my shirt. The window was still open and few drops of rain came in through it. I didn't bother about it, but after ten minutes or so, when the bus came to a halt, it began raining pretty heavily.

I shut the window close as I may catch cold, I thought. A thunderous sound of crashing clouds frightened me and I screamed with fear. I had never heard such a loud noise in my life.

Now, it was raining very heavily like it had never before. Every now and then, the bus would halt due to heavy traffic. It would take another half an hour or more to reach home, I estimated.

Every time the bus stopped, I grew more anxious. I could now see lightning and hear thunder more frequently. People on the streets were standing under shelters. They couldn't reach their destinations because of the rain.

Many of them were walking quickly holding umbrellas. That reminded me that I had not brought my umbrella with me. Another worry!

Ten minutes later, and it was time for me to get off. I got out from the bus and immediately stood under a tree for shelter.

It was still raining heavily and did not seem as if it would cease any time.

I was waiting impatiently to cross the road. When I saw no vehicle on the left side and a distant car on the right, I crossed the road and rushed home.

My mother was waiting for me at the gate. Just as I entered the house, my mom scolded me for not taking the umbrella.

“Now quickly go upstairs and clean yourself,” she said.

I obeyed, and hurried upstairs and had a bath. I had not noticed, but by then it had stopped raining.

When I went to the veranda to hang out my towel, I realised that it was no longer raining, and the sun was now shining brightly.

“But how?” I wondered.

Just as I was turning, I thought I spotted something. A gorgeous rainbow. Its vivid colours were too irresistible to take the eyes away from.

“Wow!” I exclaimed in joy.