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CONJURING: Up magic!
CONJURING: Up magic!


With many tricks up his sleeve, this magician captivated the children.

Fort Kochi turns almost magical during season time: the season of travellers. As magical as Belgian traveller and magician Stanislas made it to be. "Have you seen imagination? Come see, here it is", he boomed, catching a bit of thin air. The children looked in wonder and what followed made them rub their eyes in disbelief. Out came from his mouth red, spongy balls: one, two, three and so many. Then they began popping out from his pocket, from his shirt, from his short sleeve, from his half pants, from his nostrils and ears. Soon there were red balls all over. "Catch them," he roared. "Throw them carefully back into this packet." By now he had the kids under his spell. "Let's make miracles," he urged the eager kids.

Enchanting trickery

Then began the rope trick. One long rope turned to two, to three, to four, of unequal lengths and back to one long, snaky piece. Then came magic girl, Erica Santosh from the crowd. "Famous Erica Santosh is here," he introduced the shy girl. And with hoopla rings, which he said were wedding rings for elephants made the unsuspecting girl tangle and untangle them. Biju, a little boy grew rich as Stanislas changed the buttons on his shirt to coins and soon there was a shower of coins from his shirt and pant, sleeve and collar. Then came the drama. Stanislas called a prince and a princess from the crowd and two little ones walked up nervously. Soon he had them dressed with crown and tiara, with sword and accessories all made from colourful balloons. The grand, old king and the wicked father of the princess, two elderly gentlemen from the crowd, too were suitably dressed. Then at the behest of Sanislas there ensued a duel between the two old men . The prince feigned death and the princess declared her love loudly. At this declaration, which the prince had been yearning to hear, he got up and rushed to meet his ladylove. The two lived happily ever after. And so came to an end an evening of magic and drama, of mime and mouth music, of shouts and screams, shrill and thrill. Philippe Andre alias Stanislas is a poet, actor, lawyer and fireworks player started street circus in 1998, the year he won the first prize at the international magic congress in Europe. He travels around Europe giving solo peformances and a few lucky ones got to see him at his magical best in Kochi.



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