Two close friends shared a strange interest of going on an expedition to no-man’s land. That’s when they found an isolated mansion in the village of Kangilam. The journey was fun in the beginning but as they reached their destination, they realised that the place was creepy. When they opened the door, they found the furniture, paintings and the walls were stained. They looked up and were stunned to see that hovering above were hundreds of bats. As they moved forward, they found a statue standing in a strange angle. The statue was mesmerisingly angelic, but all of a sudden, its eyes started to bleed and it began to cry emitting a sound of excruciating pain. They were terrified and in their fear ran into the cellar. They could not figure out the way the cellar was planned and it took them a while to find a door. When they opened it they found corpses with faces that looked much alive. The creatures moved towards them hungrily. The two friends ran for their lives, out of the hell of the mansion to catch the next bus home and promised never to go on such places ever again. Back in the mansion, the tribes people of Kangilam got out of their costumes and were relieved that they managed to get the outsiders away from their territory.