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Not so yum after all:Avoid junk food
Not so yum after all:Avoid junk food


It's not the sweets alone that affect the oral hygiene, but also junk food and lack of proper brushing.

The most common problem faced by children these days, besides assignments, exams and peer pressure, is tooth decay. Did you know that at birth the baby's oral cavity is completely sterile and within the first two hours, the mouth contains 10000 different micro organisms? The incidence of decay (caries) in kids till the age of 15 has many reasons in accordance to the age of the child. Seven out of ten parents add sugar to milk to make it palatable for the baby. Since the baby sleeps with the bottle throughout the night, the sugar present in it causes the erupting teeth to weaken, thus making it more caries-prone as it grows.

Streptococcus mutans, is the most common bacteria that causes tooth decay. Dr. Santosh says, “The most dangerous chances are when kids eat chocolate after dinner, or drink milk before sleeping. The sugar in the milk/chocolate stays in the mouth causing the bacteria to attack, leading to decay.”

Eat healthy

According to Dr. Santosh and Dr. Gautam, “It's not the sweets alone that affect the oral hygiene, but also junk food and lack of proper brushing. Seventy per cent of the junk food we eat has carbohydrates as its major component.

Improper brushing causes carbohydrates getting lodged between the teeth. This then is digested by the saliva and also by the bacteria that is present in the mouth, thus causing decay.” Dr. Raghav, Raghav Multispeciality Dental Clinic feels there is increase in awareness of the general public. Although it is true that children are prone to decay owing to their invariable food habits, but it is also the parents' fault for allowing the same. Parental “over” care can also be a cause for the incidence of decay. If abstinence can be practiced, there is no better cure.

Prevention of Decay:

Regular brushing twice daily

Flossing twice daily

Reduce the intake of sugary diet

Reduce the intake of junk food

Brush teeth after a meal

Get a dental check up done once every six months

Use Fluoride containing tooth pastes and

mouthwashes often.



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