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Is a good handwriting essential in today’s digital world?

Develop:Motor skills.Photo: V. Ganesan
Develop:Motor skills.Photo: V. Ganesan

Handwriting is a skill-based activity. There are a lot of activities you can be exposed to from two-and-a-half to three years, like colouring, threading, spooning, sand play, and play dough that indirectly expose and develop your motor skills.

As you progress to lower kindergarten you are exposed to activities such as making sleeping lines and standing likes in an enclosed picture. For example: a rectangle is drawn and you have to draw sleeping or standing lines as you are told from one end of the rectangle to the other end. You are also taught to draw C and O. By doing these activities your motor skills are developed, thus helping you with writing at a later stage.

In stages

By the time you reach UKG you have learned to colour, make strokes and write alphabets reasonably. From UKG you are exposed to refinement of this preconceived knowledge on writing. You are taught to write words, sentences, capitals, punctuations all necessary for handwriting. At this stage if you have not got the concepts right you would find it difficult to build your handwriting skills from here.

Handwriting is putting down your thoughts on paper. If your handwriting is poor and illegible it brings down your morale and also slows down the thought process. You cannot pen down your thoughts as they flow due to difficulty in his handwriting skills.

Handwriting Skills is a Chennai based organisation and you can contact them at or email-

Tips for good handwriting:

Use good quality paper

Use a good pen (ink or gel pen, not

ball pen) or pencil (not lead


Sit upright at a table

Your shoulders must be straight.

Do not slouch

Your other hand must be on the


The book must be at an angle of


Keep both your legs together

There must be reasonable dis-

tance between the book and the


The environment around should

be motivating

Encouraged words should be

used while writing

Use three writing fingers,

thumb, index and middle finger

to hold the writing instrument

(pen or pencil)

Thumb and index finger hold the

pen or pencil and the pen or pen-

cil rests on the middle finger



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