Things to do for Deepavali

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HOME MADE GOODIES: For the festive season
HOME MADE GOODIES: For the festive season

Make something special this festive season for the special people in your life.

Greeting cards embossed with decorativepaper, yummy chocolates,wax, mud-moulded lamps and colourfullanterns are some of the handmadegifting ideas that children in thecity are busy crafting for Deepavali thisyear.


Mrs. Subhashini, a Pre-Primary Teacherat Little Scholar School expresses herhappiness by showing off a hand-madecard by her three-year-old student. Thecute card has a beautiful message thatreads

"To my best Teacher... Happy Diwali".She further adds, "the affection that ahand made gift shows is priceless."Leaving no stone unturned some kidshave tried their hand at cookie and chocolatemaking as well.

With Chocs

As Mukti from Ofen says, "a group ofstudents from an international school insistedthey wanted to learn how to makecookies," she smiles. And they did. Sailaja,who can craft 40 shapes of chocolatesand busy with orders for Deepavali adds,"Children love chocolates and they have ahuge variety to choose from." So what areyou planning to make as a gift for yourbest friend, teacher and family?

Nivedita N.

Let's make this Deepavali more interesting and do something creative and different! We shall make and decorate diyas this Deepavali. You must be wondering how? You don't have to be smart or talented but must have fun with it!

First things first. Lets ask mom for those diyas from last year and paint them, play with the colours.

You don't have to be an expert in diya making to make creative diyas adds Neha a student of Std X as she gives us a simple tip -"take wheat flour and water and make a dough. With that you can make the diya of any shape or size." Making diyas out of clay are simple because we can shape them the way we like, say a Mickey or a tortoise. And the clay smells good.

It is also safer. All you have to do is make shape and then let it dry completely. There! You have a diya made of clay.

Now to decorate the diya there are things like bindis, glitter and shells to choose from.

Aditi a student of St. Francis loves art. She makes it a point to decorate the diyas every Deepavali. She suggests, "we can stick small decorative glass pieces (and be safe here) on the edge of the diyas which will look gorgeous."

There are a lot of different diyas available outside which you can purchase like leaf shaped diyas and a lot of other varieties. But the fun way of enjoying Deepavali is by making your own diyas.

The handmade diyas which we will make will definitely lighten up our Deepavali. So enjoy a safe Deepavali.

Ferina Bhaidani



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