This is the story of Rusty, a 16-year-old Anglo-Indian boy who is orphaned and has to live with Mr. Harrison, his guardian. He lives in the European part of Dehradun. But he wants to embrace the Indian culture and lifestyle.

He is enchanted by the festivals, people and the bazaar. He meets many people and develops a liking for Meena, his friend Kishen’s mother.

This story keeps you hooked with the many unexpected incidents. The story is a bit similar to that of the author himself. One incident in Rusty’s life is when he goes to the unkind Mr. Harrison after playing Holi with his Indian friends and shows him what he really wants — his friends and the culture.

It’s a book worth reading! It will be enjoyed by readers greatly. This book is also the winner of the “John Llewellyn Rhys Memorial Prize”.