There was once a girl called Yashika. She was very intelligent but lazy. She did not want to study. Her grandfather loved her much. When her mother asked her to switch off the T.V. she would go to her grandfather’s room and start watching it there.

When her grandfather asked her to study, she would go off to the park. One day she was walking in the park, when she saw a red scarf lying in the bed of roses. She picked up the scarf and asked everyone around if it was theirs, but nobody said yes. She took it home with her. She showed the scarf to her grandfather. He was amazed to see the scarf. He said that it was a magic scarf. It was first given to Arjun by Krishna in Mahabharta. Anyone who wears it would become successful

Yashika was glad to hear it. She started wearing it and lo! She became the best girl in class. She started working hard and she scored well too. Her grandfather was very happy to see this change in Yashika. Her exams were only two weeks away and she was working hard for it.

She had promised her grandfather that she would score good marks in the exam. But a day before the test Yashika came home crying. Somebody had stolen her scarf. “How will I get good marks in exam now?” she cried.

“My dear girl”, said her grandfather patting her back, “the magic was not in the scarf. The magic is in you. Work hard and you will get good marks.” Yashika was confused but she worked hard and she stood first in the class. On the day of the result when the principal of the school called her on stage to give her the trophy, she had tears in her eyes. “Thank you grandfather for making me realise my ability.”