Once upon a time there was a jackal who was very hungry. He was looking for food for a longtime and he went into a house and entered the kitchen and his mouth watered as he sniffed and licked the empty plates. But as luck may have it the plates fell down and on hearing the sound a dog barked at him. Completely taken by surprise, he jumped out of the window and fell into the washerwomen’s house into the pile of clothes she has soaked. He emerged out of it as a Blue Jackal and cunning as he was he got an idea and he went back to the jungle looking all triumphant. When the animals asked him who he was and where he came from he told them that his home was the moon. All the animals respected him, and gave him food every day; the jackal was very happy, he told them stories of moon and the animals in the sky.

One night on full moon day, the moon prince howled with his heart full of happiness and the animals woke up. They thought that it was a jackal; they became very angry; the elephant threw him up into the air and he fell down into the water. The washer woman caught him as he fell and he became her watch dog.