Tales with a twist

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DRAMATIC SHIFTS: With well-known characters.
DRAMATIC SHIFTS: With well-known characters.


It was a play with a difference and the audience had a great time.

"Don't cook Cinderella" performed by Ozone was indeed "a school play with a twist". And the eager audience knew how from the very first scene. Set in a classroom, the play began with the teacher (the good fairy) checking the register. Soon well-loved characters like Snow White, Jack from "Jack and the Beanstalk", Little Red Riding Hood and Hansel and Gretel declared themselves present and with Cinderella entering, all panting and exhausted, the picture of a happy class was complete. Just when everyone was getting used to the peace, there was a dramatic shift in scene. If Snow White was there, could the Jealous Queen be far behind? If Red Riding Hood could come to school could the Big Bad Wolf stay away? They were in a different class with the Bad Fairy as the teacher. In their class fighting, quarrelling and pinching was the order of the day and `the ruder the better'. All day, characters like the Troll and Wicked Sisters talked of roasting and eating up the other class. They were able to get at them during break time and soon the good class lay on their backs with their lunch smeared over their faces.

Quick wits

Anyway sinister plotting is soon afoot. The jealous queen sends the Troll to capture Snow White and only Gretel's quick thinking saves the day. The bad class's evil plan of eating the others is discovered but the good ones lie in wait and easily overpower them. The ending may seem a little too tame but the audience wasn't complaining. They gave Ozone's first performance a rousing cheer. Started on July 1, 2006, by Millie Sanghavi, Ozone is an interactive medium for children ages nine to 15. Call 98400-28317 for registration details.



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