Pandu and the twin trees had been close friends for many years. During childhood, Pandu would play around these twin trees with his friends almost everyday. However, when Pandu grew up without much education, he could not understand the value of these trees; leave alone any sense of gratitude in reciprocation for what the twin trees had given him and his friends when playing games.

Ignorance and poverty forced Pandu to cut the very twin trees for his livelihood with the imaginary conversation between them as under:-

Pandu said, “Both of you have become pretty old. One day or the other you are going to fall down and die naturally. What is the use continuing you live under such a condition? Hence, I have now decided to cut you so that I can earn my bread by selling firewood in the village.”

The twin trees replied to Pandu, “Shun your foolishness. The older we are, greater will be benefits not only to you but also to the entire place.

Trees like us have indeed protected generations of mankind, animals, birds and other rare species in the world. We are the ones who protect and sustain ecological balance in the entire universe.

Our roots are the only dependable route for your roots — past, present and future too! Better learn how valuable as well as essential we are to you. Live and let live.”