An interesting way to improve your Tamil and learn new words — a bag of 100 stories!

Folk tales, science, poems, environment, riddles and more...

Imagine a bag full of stories. One hundred of them packed in a neat jute bag, to keep them safe and make them easy to carry. Written in Tamil, the stories have different themes and come from around the globe.

Gift bag

There are folk tales, science tales, riddles, poems, stories based on the environment and many more. Each story card is laminated so that grubby fingers will not spoil it and that it will not tear from misuse.

The illustrations are striking. Some are modern and contemporary and some are drawn from folklore and from tribal art.

They are the doors to imagination, an added bonus to enjoying the stories.

Is your Tamil reading a sore point with your teachers, parents and yourself? Then here's help. These cards are graded — from a basic level the stories go up to a higher standard. Thus you will pick up the language and vocabulary skills as you read each card. Not only will you gain a deeper understanding of Tamil and improve your vocabulary, you will have the added advantage of reading many stories.

A lot of children in the rural areas are first generation learners and they find this pack of stories a boon to help them get started. The stories also reach out to children who do not have the opportunity to get books, access libraries or the internet. Through these stories they get a peep into the larger world. Make a child's world and yours brighter by gifting a bag of stories.

Publishers: Chaatnath Trust, Contact 24330164, 24344485 V.R. Devika: 9840098495