Story of the inner world of the young

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Fantasy world: She tells it like it is.
Fantasy world: She tells it like it is.


She was a child feeling lonely and neglected. What does she do to enliven things?

KOZHIKODEMazha Nanayunna Penkutty is all about the fantasy world a girl visualises to rid herself of the loneliness and the lost joys of childhood. It is all about Aleena, and the make-belief situation she fancies herself to be in.

Mazha Nanayunna Penkutty is the first short film made by the students of the Kiraloor Aided Upper Primary School to depict how urban life can alienate people.

The students’ venture has succeeded in weaving reality and fantasy to tell the story of loneliness of childhood.

Aleena is the only child in a middle class nuclear family. Her parents have little time for her as both are employed.

The film opens with this fantasy dream of Aleena, a class VIII student.

Aleena fantasises that she has a younger sister called Anna who plays around all the time instead of concentrating on her studies. In one shot there is Anna singing loudly in a playful mood. Sensing her distraction, their mother scolds Anna and asks her to read aloud.

Annoyed, Anna murmurs something which in turn takes the viewers’ to her special and amazing world filled with a gamut of characters that spring from the books she has read like the lilies, kings, queens, buffoons, artists, butterflies and flowers.

Fun and games

The sisters have fun and tiffs too. In another scene Aleena throws Anna out of the house for teasing her. Anna runs out like a flying bird. But Anna feels sorry for her sister who confines herself to the house.

Aleena finds herself crushed and alone. One day as Aleena’s mother is about to leave for work, she realises that her daughter is not in the house.

She finds Aleena’s diary scribbled with broken sentences about Anna and also Anna’s mobile number. Mother calls that number but “it’s out of reach”. She goes to Aleena’s school and asks her friends about Anna. But there is no one called Anna there.

All of a sudden she realises every thing and understands her daughter.

Aleena is spotted near a river and she is wet in the rain. The message conveyed is that a rural school is able to keep pace with the new world. The objective is to give students an opportunity to try their hand in the making of a film. The film seeks to convey poetically the inner world of a child, first through Anna’s and then through Aleena’s fantasy world.

The Kiraloor Aided Upper Primary School is a rural school with students from the economically weaker segments.

Except for the handling of the camera and editing, the work relating to the making the film was done by the students and teachers. The script story and direction was done by Philip John who is a teacher there. It is the first time he is working on a film script too.



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