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Swati Arun
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Two exciting stories were read at the story-telling session.

engrossed:In a well-told story
engrossed:In a well-told story

The hooves of horses came alive as tiny tots imagined Rani Lakshmibai fighting the English against the Doctrine of Lapse policy which stated that the ownership of the land would go to the British government in the eventuality of death of the natural heir to the kingdom. It was children's writer Nandini Nayar's story telling session at the Little People Tree. She chose The Haunted School and Other Stories and Rani Laxmibai for the day.

A story to relate to

The Haunted School made for a fascination hearing. It is a story about a girl who has been a victim of corporal punishment by the principal of the school. She turns into a ghost and wants revenge. Whether she succeeds is what the story unravels.

“The ghosts in my book are not fictional ghosts; they are the evils of our society which you might find in people in day to day lives in the form of anger or revenge. All we need to do is fight these evils,” says Nandini Nayar.

“Today's story telling session was a great learning experience to me. We got to write our own horror stories,” says Yash Dubey, a Std. II student from Delhi Public School. The retold classic Rani Laxmibai brought out the valour and courage as she fought against the British.



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