Hello Friends! I am a Tree speaking from “Heaven”. Like me, many of my tribes have had to face untimely death in the cruel hands of so the called “humans” who have mercilessly chopped us down for their own comforts like construction of roads, dams, and houses and for other Infra-structure work.

Decades back, we were treated like pets by people of that generation. Even without having any formal education, they were aware of the importance of preserving nature. They even worshipped all natural entities like me as they considered that we are their ‘Life Line’. I fondly remember, children used to climb on me and play; used to enjoy swimming in rivers and ponds.

Years have passed…. generations have changed…people have forgotten that their survival is linked with our survival and have started destroying us mindlessly.

As time progressed, people did not even listen to the advice of learned people to protect us by cautioning us about the impact; but continued their wrong doings which resulted in more people and less trees and this has culminated to global warming. Now, people adorn their home by keeping only plastic trees.

Dear Friends! When I was on Planet earth, you did not allow me to speak. At least now, please listen to me. Take on the campaign for growing more trees and preserving natural entities in a big way. Keep in mind that it is for your better tomorrow. Remember the golden words of the ever great poet Ravindranath Tagore who said, “Trees are Earth’s endless effort to speak to the listening heaven”.

If you follow my advice – you will see the heaven in planet earth in the days to come; otherwise you will see only plastic trees everywhere. Good bye to you all with a hope that you will sincerely act on my advice….