Sounds that deafen

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POLLUTION: Too much noise.
POLLUTION: Too much noise.


Excessive noise can cause alteration in cardio-vascular, endocrine and neurological functions.

Did you know that a great deal of our irritation, impatience and short-temperedness might be due to the excess noise thrust upon us? Rules on `Noise Pollution' are blatantly violated. In the city, sounds from automobiles, railways, aircrafts, loud speakers, amplifiers, construction equipment like bulldozers and piling machines exceed the level considered healthy for humans.


The health hazards are numerous. A burst of noise from a passing truck alters our cardio-vascular, endocrine and neurological functions. Thus prolonged exposure to noise can result in hearing loss, indigestion, heartburn, ulcers, blood pressure and heart diseases.It would be wise to know some facts and rules on Noise Regulation and Control. Power amplifiers should be directed to the audience only and not into the street as is commonly done. Music and all other public address systems should be controlled and adjusted to cover only the spectators' area. It should be restricted to only five decibels above the ambience level. The Union Ministry of Environment has prescribed 55 db in residential areas during daytime and 45db at night. Loud speakers are strictly prohibited in silent zones. A silent zone is an area around 100 metres of hospitals, educational institutions and courts. However, all these laws are blatantly violated. Ignorance makes us suffer nerve-wracking sounds. Sometimes law enforcers themselves turn violators when they resort to loud speakers and amplifiers.Next time you are bulldozed remember it is within your right to protest.



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