Snailey counts his blessings

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All the animals made fun of Snailey because he was so slow. Until the birthday party...

One morning, Snailey the snail was taking a walk in the forest. The other animals were busy with their work the tiger was after his prey, the hare was busy collecting herbs, and the bear was collecting honey and so on. Snailey wished each of them a good morning, but they were all too busy and did not reply. Snailey felt very sorry for himself. He realised that compared to the others he was very slow. Walking on, he was met by Tu-Tu the turtle. "Hello Snailey, how are you," said Tu-Tu who was as usual, cheerful and happy. "Well, not bad," answered a Snailey glumly. Tu-tu understood Snailey's problem. He said to himself, "Snailey is always comparing himself with the other animals and gets hurt when he hears their silly jokes about him not being able to keep pace with them." "Well Snailey, please come to my birthday party tomorrow."

At the party

Snailey loved birthday parties. The next day all the animals, dressed in their very best, were already at Tu-Tu's party when Snailey arrived. As usual he was the butt of their jokes and felt really sad. Tu-Tu tried to cheer him up and asked him to ignore their jokes. Suddenly there was thunder and lighting and then heavy rain. The animals forgot the birthday party and ran helter-skelter searching for a dry place. Snailey went into his shell. Tu-Tu asked Snailey, "Are you feeling uncomfortable too?" Snailey replied, "C'mon Tu-Tu! How could I? When I have my wonderful home on my back." Just then, Snailey realised something. He had always taken his home for granted. Snailey said, "I had never given a thought about my shell before, how wonderful it is to feel snug and cozy inside."The wise Tu-Tu replied, "Yes Snailey, you were so preoccupied with comparing yourself with others and feeling sorry for yourself by listening to their foolish remarks that you forgot to count your blessing all these days."Snailey was bursting with happiness and had never felt so cheerful before. All the other animals were drenched and cold and looked enviously at Snailey and Tu-Tu. It was now Snailey's turn to laugh. But Snailey didn't laugh for he knew the other animals 'predicament and felt sorry for them. The other animals never made fun of Snailey again.



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