Here's a cool activity to keep you busy. You can keep all your important things and keep them safe from your friends and siblings.

Join Gaurav from Disney Channels Art Attack as he makes the box'! It looks so scary that no one would even touch it!

You will need:

Old plastic bottle with a big mouth

Old newspapers

Paper Tape

Medium Cardboard Piece

Long flexible brushes (for the antenna)





Art attack paste (equal amounts of glue and water)


1, Take an old plastic bottle, make sure the mouth is big enough for things to go in and come out .

Now, take a piece of newspaper and make a round ball out of it. Stick it to the cap of the bottle with the help of paper tape. Similarly stick a round ball of newspaper at the other end of the bottle. Use lots of paper tape to stick it properly.

2, Cover the rest of the bottle also with newspaper and take two small balls of newspaper and stick it as the eyes on the cap of the bottle, as shown in the image.

3, To make the feet of the ‘bug' take six small pieces of newspaper and give it the shape of a stick. Then fold it in three parts as shown in the image. Stick the six feet of the bug to the body as shown.

4, Now we will make the wings of the bug, for this we need a cardboard piece and make a heart shape and ask an adult to cut it. Make 4 small heart shapes and stick it to the big wing. We will stick this to the main body.

5, For the antenna, use old flexible brushes. Fold them in the shape and stick it on the head of the bug. To make the neck, cut the cardboard in rectangular shape and cut it in shape of teeth

Cover the whole bug with art attack paste. This helps us in painting it later. Let it dry.

7, After it dries mark his eyes and mouth with a black marker. Colour the antenna black, use red to make eyes and mouth. Cover the bug's body with black and you can use silver and red for the wings and feet.

8, Your very own scary safety box is ready!!! Now you can keep all your important things safe and away.