Clear water in ocean, seas and rivers, tall trees, waking up to the songs of birds, fresh air everywhere… the list goes on.

This is what we were taught in primary school about our earth. It would be great if the present and future generation could enjoy the planet in the same way for at least a day.

We see water, but it is not clean or pure. We see birds, but not on trees and we hear no sweet songs. We see trees, but they are probably chopped off. This is the condition of Mother Earth today.

We have become so selfish that protecting our planet is next to impossible. Human beings are solely responsible for the deterioration of the earth. Each of us is responsible.

It’s time we consider this planet as a living being just like us. Development is, of course, essential. But development will not support our existence if the loss is greater than the gain.

We must stand together and fight against elements that destroy our environment. Practices like deforestation, contamination of water among others have to be strictly restricted.

Saving Earth should be the dream of every individual irrespective of the geographical boundaries or social statuses that separate us.

We have done enough to satisfy our greed. Let us now embark on a new beginning.