It was Christmas time. Santa had started his journey to distribute gifts .He checked his list — it was quite a big one this year. He visited Rhea's house first, he gave her a Barbie doll which is her favourite. Next he went to Mrs Chang's house and gifted her son a Benelli bike to be assembled. Next his wagon stopped at Wang's place, guess what he had wished for a Hero Honda bike! And it was right there in front of his house. Wang was so happy. I was eagerly waiting for Santa to come home. Suddenly I heard a noise Thud, Thud, Thud….. I crept out of my house and there was Santa Claus standing with a worried look on his face. I asked him, “what is the problem?” He told me that the wheels were broken. I said, “Don't worry Santa, we will fix it.” We collected lot of wood and started to work. Finally we put the new wheels on to Santa's wagon. He thanked me and he presented me with a huge Christmas tree full of gifts (chocolates, cricket bat, toy cars, cookies, cakes, colour pencils and more). I was excited. He said “Good bye” and continued his journey. I suddenly woke up, at the sound of the alarm. This was the most wonderful dream I ever had.