When I was 11 years old, I got a chance to visit a cancer care centre along with my aunt in Andheri, Mumbai. I imagined it to be a dull place, but this particular care centre was entirely different.

As I stood inside a room along with a couple of cancer patients, the one thing that truly touched my heart was a little girl with a doll beside her whose eyes were blue, sharp long nose, an innocent smile and berry-red lips. I sat beside her to chat and could make out that the charming young lady was about eight years old. Gradually, we both became friends.

Suddenly, she said in a whisper, “Can I share a secret with you?” “Sure, why not?” I said. She then moved closer to my ears and said with a grin, “Thank god, I am going to die early. God will send me to heaven to meet my mother there! I hope I will never complete ten years.”

I was moved, astonished and a little alarmed. Her angelic charm had bewitched me.

She smiled widely and unexpectedly hugged me tight. She seemed like a sister to me. I really can't do anything other than praying to God to help her! But He failed to listen to my prayers. Yes, she never lived to be ten years old.

This experience made me realise something. Suicides, accidents and all that occurs in our society today is because of man's various stupid acts. Man digs his own grave. But there are so many cancer patients who fight to live each day for their near ones. I can still feel that the little girl is watching me from somewhere!