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Everyone was geared up for the hockey match. And then they got the news…their star player Harish had injured himself.

Who would want to trade places with Harish now? asked grandpa...

The team was abuzz with the latest news. The hockey match was round the corner and Harish had fallen from his cycle and injured himself. Last month he was down with flu. Now it was doubtful if he would play. Every one felt sorry for Harish. It was ironical that this should happen to Harish as he always had everything acting in his favour or so it seemed.

As usual, the team met at Rahul's house to discuss this sudden turn of events. Rahul's Grandpa joined in. The team was really anxious about Harish and so was Rahul's Grandpa.

“Everyone has their share of problems and Harish has his share. So unfortunate. Who would like to trade places with him now,” asked Grandpa.

A meeting

Rahul was caught unawares. Surely Grandpa didn't want him to injure his foot and be hospitalized! He was raring to play. But Rahul had an inkling. Harish was always the talk of the team and everyone was envious of him, for he had everything going out for him. Almost everyone was vying to take his place. But now things were different. The team looked in dismay. Rahul felt deeply embarrassed for he knew how had he felt about Harish. It made him to think about all that had happened last year.

Last year, Rahul's team had played well and won the coveted Hockey Cup. The final match has been very exciting. It was a neck to neck competition and both the teams played very well. It was a draw and then Harish's penalty kick brought them home as the winners.

But Rahul's happiness was tinged with resentment. He was the captain of the team but it was Harish who was the hero.

Harish was always friendly and outgoing and Rahul acted friendly too but he harboured bitter feelings towards Harish. His Grandpa knew all this.

The team knew that they would miss Harish. They knew that had been unfair in their thinking. Rahul realised that his attitude towards Harish had been selfish and mean. They decided to pray for him and they did.

On the playground just as they were about to begin practice, they heard that Harish would participate after all! It was only a sprain and he should be back in a couple of days. The team heaved a sigh of relief.



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