The Hindu-Young World quiz was exciting and the team from Chettinad Vidyashram won the laurels.

If expressions could melt barriers then the doors at the Kamaraj Arangam would be rubble! Anxious faces pressed against the glass as restless students waited for the prelim results of The Hindu Young World quiz to be declared. The tension was palpable and the silence, at moments, almost eerie. Soon the spotlight was on the teams from Chettinad Vidyashram, Bala Vidya Mandir, Bhavan's Rajaji Vidyaashram, P S Senior Secondary School, D.A.V. Matriculation and Sir Sivaswamy Kalalaya. Many may feel that this time the year's biggest quizzing extravaganza might have lacked spirit - the decibel and enthusiasm levels may have seemed muted but as discerning quizzers said it would be more appropriate to say that the quiz has come of age.

Great audience

As one excited regular pointed out, "the questions are more stimulating than the other years. It isn't about difficulty. They expect more analysis and more sifting through what we know rather than just plain facts." And he did have a point. Check out some of the stuff asked at the Reliance Hello Headlines round where a dateline clue would be given and the participants would have to come up with a proper headline. So "Bikaner April 4 1984" saw the clever quizzards from Sir Sivaswami Kalalaya Senior and Higher Sec. Schools yell confidently, "Rakesh Sharma is launched into space" promptly earning full marks for themselves. But the day belonged to the boys in the remarkable audience who clapped for every correct answer, irrespective of school. Attempting to answer every question thrown open to the spectators they waved arms and at times umbrellas and water bottles to catch the quizmaster's attention. Jumping out of their chairs even when they didn't know the right answers and were only guessing (often very wildly too), they beat the girls in the audience hollow. Chettinad Vidyashram won this regional round while Bala Vidya Mandir and Sir Sivaswamy Kalalaya came second and third respectively and went home happy after collecting their prizes from chief guest squash player Dipika R. Pallikal. While the title sponsor was Eveready the associate sponsor of the event is Jamaai Ice Cream. The national sponsors are Encyclopaedia Britannica, Reliance Hello, HP, Britannia Tiger Biscuits, Garden City College, Reynolds, Vizag Steel, Cycle Brand Agarbathies, Penguin and the State Bank of Travancore. Regional sponsors include Mahavir Optics, Smart Training Resources, ARC Aqua Puraa mineral water, Veega Land, Rex Fashion Square, Landmark, Sri Krishna Sweets and Supreme Nutrifud. The event managed by Quizwalahs has Mazaa as the official drink and SS Music as the TV sponsor.