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For a desired change: The message comes across.
For a desired change: The message comes across.


At the drama fest, children spoke out on social changes as effectively as they could.

The students of Sundaram Matriculation School, Krishnapuram, touched the conscience of people with their realistic portrayal of politics and ethics; men caught in the tangle of autocracy and how innocent people fall a prey to fake godmen.

No movie songs

“It is very disheartening to watch students dance to popular film numbers. Instead the students here worked on scripts that cause awareness and benefits society,” said Muruga Boopathy, drama teacher, who had directed the three dramas. “‘Pathavi,’ ‘Athikara Bootham’ and ‘Poli samiyargal’ present some bare facts on society, gathered by the students themselves. They also modelled their own costumes.”

Muruga Boopathy said that “Muddra”, the festival, was aimed at presenting real-life characters as well as criticising their shortcomings. For example, ‘Pathavi’, performed by students of Std. VIII highlighted how money plays a vital role in politics.

The Std. VII students performed ‘Athikara Bootham’ a drama which aimed at changing the conditions of people in the clutches of the dominant class. The story begins with a demon that takes control of a kingdom.

The Std. VI students performed ‘Poli samiyargal,’ which explains how women fall a prey to fake religious heads, while scientists on the other hand are working on satellites. A music drama on folk ballad was performed by students of Stds. IV and V, and a group dance by Std. III students.

“For ‘Poli samiyargal’, students collected factual details from the media and added their imagination to it,” said Muruga Boopathy, who added that the dramas were aimed at not only pointing to the malice of society but also allow students to think and find solutions.



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