Parents were once kids too

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Blessed moments: Starting early.
Blessed moments: Starting early.


There are interesting things that have happened in your parents’ life when they were children like you.

Have you ever wondered what your own parents did when they were your age? Did they do all the things they expect you to do? Did you ever wonder whether they did their lessons and school work with the same enthusiasm that they want you to? If you cared to ask your grandparents, they would no doubt have plenty to tell you.

It is hard to imagine our parents as being small, helpless, mischievous or defiant.

It is difficult to tell whether parents would themselves like to recount it.

Daddy’s book

But in this delightful book by Alexander Raskin, “When Daddy was a Little Boy”, a father recounts his childhood to his little girl, Sasha. When Sasha was a little girl, she was frequently down with fever, sore throat and an infected ear. The last was so painful that she often cried out. That’s when he began to tell her stories about his own boyhood days. The stories helped her forget her pain and she enjoyed them so much that she asked him for the stories every time she was sick, which was quite often. Thus begins ‘When Daddy Was a Little Boy’... Beginning with boyhood to school day adventures, every one of them will make you chuckle if not laugh outright. But it will make you think too. Daddy was a little boy and learnt from the many mistakes he made, just like you are doing now! Every chapter has an interesting title, ‘How Daddy Was Always Late’, ‘How Daddy Bit the Professor’ or ‘How Daddy Wasn’t the Best Pupil in His Class’.

‘How Daddy Tamed a Dog’ is one of the best! Daddy is taken to the circus by his parents and he is greatly impressed by the power of the lion tamer who could command the lion to do many wonderful things merely by looking into its eyes! Little Daddy resolves to become a lion tamer! In order to make a small beginning on an animal closer to his size, he decides to start with a little dog which he finds sitting quietly under the bench in a park. Daddy advances slowly towards the little dog, all the time staring into its eyes.

What happens then is best enjoyed when you read it yourself, but don’t ever look at any dog in the eyes!



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