Teachers of both countries shared views on learning strategies.

It was a total surprise for the 11-member group from Birmingham,England, when they sawteachers writing on black boards,in a high school at Pudukkad,Thrissur district. For them, itwould be interactive boards, withinternet-equipped computers infront of each child . The team consistedof teachers of various disciplines;under the organisation,TIDE (Teachers In DevelopmentEducation) was on a tour to studyabout education, decentralisationof power etc in India and othercountries.Smart classesTheir aim was to learn abouteducation and to know how communitylearns beyond formaleducation.The teachers from various disciplineslike IT, Religion, Sociology,Mathematics, Physics,Chemistry and English Literatureinteracted with their counterpartand students of St. Antony's HighSchool, Pudukkad under KodakaraBlock Panchayat. TIDE membershad detailed interaction with theteachers, students and people's representativesat the school. Teaching in UK is purely interactive session, unlike our lecture method. They have smart classes with students pushing buttons to air queries to teachers. TIDE has been conducting study tours to India with members of the teaching faculty for quite some time. They can be contacted at and on web