Arnav's favourite vase has been broken. What can Siddarth and Veena do?

It is a bright sunny day. Arnav wants to go fishing. His friends Siddarth and Veena say they would do the chores. Arnav gives them instructions as to what to do at what time. Siddarth and Veena wait till noon and put two drops of water in the cactus plant. They dust his coin collection, wash and dry the dishes. Veena says "Wow! We have finished all the chores." She sits on the sofa and bounces. "Yipee, this sofa is really bouncy."

An accident

There is a beautiful blue vase, shaped like a fish, on the peg table. Veena dislodges the fish vase, it falls and breaks. "Oh no! I have broken Arnav's favourite fish vase. What shall I do?""Don't worry Veena. Just tell Arnav that it was a mistake. He will forgive you.""I will stick the vase together." She gets a roll of cello tape and sticks the pieces together. "Oh Veena! It looks more like a cat.""I'll tell Arnav it is a cat-fish." "No, Veena. Just tell him you broke it.""He will be so angry with me. He will not want to be my friend anymore. I think I will buy a new fish vase."At the general store they ask for a fish vase. The salesgirl shows them many vases. Finally, she shows a fish vase, which is a replica of the broken vase. Veena jumps for joy and the nervous salesgirl drops it and it breaks. Veena is disappointed. Then she decides to make a vase. She buys some clay. She asks Shandy, Siddarth's dog, to pose. Siddarth says, "It looks like a dog with a fish tail.""We will tell Arnav that it is a dog-fish," says Veena. Arnav returns, "All well?" Why the long faces?" Veena says, "I broke your favourite fish vase. Are you mad at me?""No! Because it is my favourite vase I have a cupboard full of it." He opens a cupboard and takes out another fish vase!