Oh no! Holiday homework!

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Finish it fast: Don't accumulate your homework
Finish it fast: Don't accumulate your homework


What about that pile of homework that has been assigned to you for the vacation? Take care of it right away.

Summer vacations, a few years back: Children woke up late and played all day long and return home late at night. Summer vacations, today: There have been special classes immediately after the final exams and based on the syllabus covered then, a mound of holiday assignments has been given to the students.

As many adults compare their school vacations with those of the current school-going generation, they find the increasing presence of assignments allocated to children for every set of holidays and wonder if there is a real need for it. Many schools, on the other hand, are rather strict about these holiday projects and invariably, every vacation is loaded with work.

“I remember looking forward to my summer holidays so I could go on vacations but due to the early commencement of the new academic year in some schools, I find the essence of summer breaks waning.

Assignments are real killjoys in the summer as I feel those two months are meant for the refreshment of children's minds”, says Smrithy Sasidharan, a college student.

Agreeing with her on some grounds, a school teacher says, “These issues vary from one school to another though I personally feel that assignments are okay during short vacations but get stressful during the summer break. If the work is activity-based, children may enjoy it but too much theoretical and syllabus-oriented matter could be avoided.”

Teachers and students who have apssed out of school have had their say but what do the school-going children, the ones at the crux of the issue, have to say about this?

“Vacations are meant for enjoyment so holiday assignments should be done away with. Having to do one project per subject during each vacation is tiresome. My elder sister often compares our situation with her school days and I find the bygone system of a complete vacation and no school an ideal one”, says Syeda Faiza Rafeeq, a Std. VIII student of Slate - The School, Abids.


Start working on your holiday homework from when it is assigned to you.

Do not keep the work pending till the last minute. This way, you get time to work on it, without having to rush things.

Another advantage is that by finishing the work early, you can enjoy your vacation without having to think about the school assignments that are pending.



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