Occupational hazard

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At risk : Poor work conditions.
At risk : Poor work conditions.


Is the welder working in his little shop, inhaling poisonous fumes aware about a clean, green environment?

I saw a man doing welding inside a small shop. While he worked there was fire, bright light and smoke. The room he was working in was very small and filled with lots of material. There was no ventilation. He had a little space just to sit and do his work. The room was filled with smoke and dust particles. I was saddened to his work condition. His body was sweaty and dust had settled on it, he was inhaling all the polluted air

He was not bothered about the environment and the polluted condition of his work place. He wass determined to complete his job. He worked continuously so as to be able to feed his family.

He is melting iron and fixing iron rods and preparing different frames. Unknowingly he is also melting away his health and life. Does anybody care to notice this? Success in a green and clean environment is plausible only when we all care enough about such things and contribute to the welfare of these people.



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