Prodigy, an imprint of New Horizon Media, has some new books on offer. Compact and nicely produced they cover a wide range of topics from William Shakespeare’s The Tempest, to Dinosaurs, World War II, Tsunami and more.

THE TEMPEST by Shanti Sivaraman, NEWTON by Sumitha Menon, THE ODYSSEY by

Ashok Rajagopalan, GANGA by Priya Mani, WORLD WAR II by Susan Philip,

DINOSAUR by Hema Vijay, GLOBAL WARMING by Susan Philip and TSUNAMI

by Radha Sampath, Prodigy, Rs. 25 each

Three plays that are set in contemporary India, and so easy to understand and perform. Beginning with Rigmarole, that has everyone in it — the CM and his Cabinet, socialites, advertising biggies, media moghuls, the Underworld, and even the dabbawallahs of Mumbai, trying to impress Princess Lizinia of Batuslavakia, who comes to India on a state visit…


Puffin, Rs. 199