Anuragh Sarda dared to think out of the box and took his inspiration from nature in the form of dew drops, which form on leaves. His brainchild, the “Leaf”, a 18 ft tall solar powered water condensation unit gained him accolades not just within the country but also in the international circuit. His design was chosen amongst many other thought invoking designs from across the world at the “Time to Care Sustainable Design Award”. Inspired by a leaf, Pune-based student's design is for a self-generating water source powered by the sun and capable of producing 20 litres of drinking water every day. Similar to the leaf, water is artificially generated through condensation. The water gets purified through an attached sand-filtration device and later collected into an earthen pot. Sarda's project is currently in the conceptual stage and according to him can be practically implemented in humid regions in Asia, North America, South America, Africa and Australia.