The school of heaven. It was some years ago and I was one among the ignorant new comers to the school. I was curious, yet fear conquered my mind altogether. The entrance stretched to a green path where the blossoming flowers raised their head along the way. I stepped in, unmindful that every step made to my classroom was leading me to becoming a complete citizen of tomorrow.

I stared at one bare tree that stood without flowers and felt as if it reflected my sorrow of having no friends. I forced myself to smile and strived to remain patient and calm.

A week passed. Yet no flowers blossomed in the bare tree. When I was questioned by my parents, I pretended to like my new school. Little change on the tree happened when a pleasant wind passed by. The teachers sharpened every mind in the class.

A month passed. Now, I worked hard to remain among the butterflies in the class to journey deep into the garden of education. Soon, the tree burst forth into colourful flowers with its unique fragrance. Knowledge served me confidence. Diverse thoughts taught me judgement. I learnt the meaning of friendship.

The years passed like days and golden memories filled the way. That moment when I wear my uniform and say proudly, I belong to this school will forever fill me with pride.