I went to Tokyo for Christmas holidays. I was excited when I landed at Narita airport. We saw the Christmas special light show at the Tokyo station that night.

The roads, the trees and the buildings were lit up. I went to Tokyo Disneyland on December 24. I was so happy to see my favourite characters, and the rides were amazing. This is the first time I am in a place that has 0 º temperature. I went to Osaka by bullet train. On the way, I saw Mount Fuji and many areas were covered with snow.

In Osaka, I walked through one of the world’s biggest shopping and entertainment streets. In Tokyo, I went to Odaiba beach and Sea Paradise. I saw polar bears, dolphins, whales, walrus shows.

I also went to Veno zoo. I visited the famous Imperial Palace East Garden and Asakusa temple. I walked though Ginza and the Shinjuku fashion streets. The people were so friendly. Japan’s train network is excellent and the local cuisine is good.

I missed the clean roads when I was back in Chennai.