We got into the bus as fast as we could so that we could get the seats at the back. Once everyone had found seats and everything was settled we were off to Tamil Nadu. Yes, our school was taking us to the Padmanabapuram Palace and Kanyakumari. Cool! This was going to be the best day of my life. I had visited both places earlier, but going out with friends is so much fun. The bus trip was going to be super fun, I thought, as the bus was leaving the school and of course, it was. We sang a lot of songs and enjoyed ourselves. After a three-hour journey we arrived at the Padmanapapuram Palace. We had a good time there. We saw a lot of things on display and our guide explained everything.

Time passed swiftly and it was lunch time. We went to a restaurant and had food there. Then we were off to Kanyakumari. Finally we arrived at Kanyakumari and we were allowed to go out into the sea. Then we gorged ourselves on ice-creams, groundnuts, cotton candy and much more. Time passed quickly again and soon it was time to get back to school. How sad we were as we entered the bus with long faces. But we didn't forget to have fun in the bus. Once again we danced and sang songs and had a wonderful time.

RR-ring...RR-ring....It was my alarm clock! I woke up. What? It was a dream! Never mind.

Today is the picnic!