My grandmother’s name is Radha bai. She was born in Thiruvarur. I like to hear her talk about her childhood days. She has fond memories of days when she sat by the river bank watching her brothers dive and swim. Hers was a big family and she had seven siblings. After she got married, she settled down in Perambur.

She is a doctor and has also won an award for her PhD. My father and my uncle are her two sons. She was their inspiration to do exceedingly well in studies. My grandmother has travelled abroad and she often relates her experience in detail. I love to hear them. She is a remarkable cook, and whenever I visit I am treated a sumptuous meal. She is a good teacher too. She taught my mother how to make paneer butter masala and now my mother has perfected it. My grandmother showers me with gifts whenever I visit her. My request for a new toy is always granted. I love the time I spend with her. I always look forward to school holidays. This is the reason I like my grandmother very much!