“My aim in life

Is to reach a state

In which life persists

But aims cease to exist”

These four lines are enriched with deep meaning even though they seem to be vague. All of us have aims in our life. Some want to be astronauts, pilots, artists, journalists, engineers, doctors and so on. But, some people tend to think that they don't have an aim in life. On the contrary, the fact is that they want to achieve so much in life that they can't possibly define a particular sphere of study or work as their aim.

For all those people, the above lines well summarise their aim. These lines mean that the aim of some people is to continue achieving great things till there is nothing more to achieve in life. I am proud to say that my aim is exactly that — to achieve as much as possible and to achieve more and more. So, I urge every one of you to first have an aim in life and then to make that aim a symbol of excellence. Strive to make it a reality.