It is horrifying to read newspapers today. Every page carries news about gangrapes and sexual harassment. Fear and insecurity have engulfed the minds of the female population. This isn’t the land that our great leaders envisioned. Women hang their heads in shame and fear. How can we call our country a developing one when such a situation prevails?

Self protection seems to be the only solution. We can protect ourselves by learning any kind of martial arts. I think it gives confidence and removes fear from our minds. But is all that can be done to protect our women? No! Why can’t stricter laws be implemented? Rapid actions must be taken and stringent punishment should be implemented.

Atrocities against women can be prevented to a great extent by empowering men and women with education. Awareness in legal matters gives them the courage to fight against injustice and inequality. We must bring about a change that keeps our head held high and minds without fear.