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On the banks:Lighting lamps.Photo: PTI
On the banks:Lighting lamps.Photo: PTI

Imagine a flying machine without wings, without a propeller. Actually, it is not even a machine. It is a balloon made of 6,500 metres of cloth. Its total space: 180, 000 cubic ft. The fabric: Nomex, an anti-flammable material that is used to make suits for car race drivers. The fuel: Propane.

Now imagine standing in a wicker basket without seat belts and soaring 1,000 ft in the sky. There is no runway, just a patch of land. There is no fixed landing spot. You can land anywhere close to the pilot marker depending on the wind speed/direction.

Sounds thrilling? Well, it sure is. And what better way to have a bird’s eye view of the Pushkar Fair than a hot air balloon ride. Not only can you count the camels and the cattle scrubbed and groomed for sale, you can also have a bird’s eye view of the 52 ghats, the country’s only temple dedicated to Lord Brahma and the millions who partake in the festivities.



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